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Josh Reiss of and I have begun an email discussion forum for 3d and high-end graphics hardware discussions. It's a friendly forum for getting the first hand low-down on computers and hardware components that shape the professional graphics world.  Get in on it. Or don't, whatever.  Turkey.



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My first two publications on Maya:


Maya: Secrets of the Pros

Maya 4.5 Savvy





Cold Weather Breath Vapor  

Intermediate Particles - This tutorial has moved to the new Clicking the link will take you there.


Cigarette Smokin' Babies - An intermediate level particle and dynamic tutorial written as a fictional short story.


The Case for Specialists - editorial article on Digital Media Net's NAB web site
Teaching an Old PC New Tricks - Article on boosting old PC performance on Animation World Magazine
Animation: Virtually Lifelike - Washington Times article in which I was quoted, among others
Viewpoint Column Article - 3D World Magazine - article in 3D World Magazine
Building Your Own Graphics Workstation - article on POST magazine's web site
Building Your Own Graphics Workstation Part 1 - hardware tutorial series on Animation Artist web site
Building Your Own Graphics Workstation Part 2 - Second part of the hardware tutorial series
Building Your Own Graphics Workstation Part 3 - Third part of the hardware tutorial series
An Undaunted Willingness to Learn - editorial article on Alias|Wavefront's web site
Nvidia XGL v.4 - hardware review article
FireGL 8800 and Part 2- hardware review articles
LCD Monitors - hardware review article
Featured Artist - - I was the Featured Artist on The web site a while back
Home/Work - Article at DigsMagazine online about home offices

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